This video will show you how to fix windows bad system config info and other common blue screens in Windows 10, 8, or 7. It includes the following:

  1. Windows bad system config info
  2. System Restore
  3. Advanced Startup
  4. Command Prompt Fixes
  5. Manual Registry Editing
  6. Fix Bad System Config Info

Windows Bad System Config Info

Many Windows PC users report that they’ve encountered a “BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO” error. Users also report other types of bluescreen crashes – this causes Windows to crash and display a blue screen of death. Blue screens are often caused by system configuration errors, where the computer will display the information relating to the crash via a blue screen – the PC then has to be restarted to resume operation. It could also by a symptom of faulty RAM.

Bad System Config Info is one of the most frequent blue screens that a user can encounter, it means that Windows is having a problem with the processing of information, it could happen because of a software misconfiguration, or a faulty hardware component like a broken RAM module. Other possible reasons include:

  1. Damaged hard drive
  2. Damaged RAM
  3. Corrupt, old, or missing drivers
  4. Broken BCD (Boot Configuration Data)
  5. Faulty Windows registry settings

Bad System Config Info can also happen right after a Windows update – although Microsoft has done sufficient updates to ensure that any Windows updates don’t break the system.

If the blue screen happens persistently, or if it loops and continues to display the same error after a system restart – it could point to a corrupt file system. Window’s system files can become damaged and corrupt, but these errors are usually fixed by opening a command prompt and typing in “sfc /scannow“. CHKDSK can also be used to check your hard drive for any errors – open a command prompt and type in “chkdsk /f /x /r” to schedule a disk check.

If the PC doesn’t manage to boot up after the blue screen of death, it’s recommended to boot the PC into safe mode and do a selective startup. Otherwise, use the Windows Recovery Environment to perform a PC reset or system restore, this could fix bad system config info and other related blue screens.

Other methods of fixing bad system config info

  1. Restart your PC and do a selective startup.
  2. Run SFC and CHKDSK.
  3. Restore the Windows Registry. You can use a registry cleaner like CCleaner to fix registry issues.
  4. Fix Boot Configuration Data – Use the Recovery Environment or a restoration media device to open a command prompt windows, then repair the boot records by typing in “bootrec /scanos” and “bootrec /repairmbr“.

Other types of blue screens

There are many other types of blue screen crashes as well. To diagnose these you can use this tool. It analyzes your memory dump file. Dump files are created moments before your PC crashes. Here is a brief tutorial on how to use it. The guide also states what you can do in the case of a BSOD.

We hope this has helped you to fix bad system config info. For any assistance on blue screens and Windows crashes, please contact us directly via the website to start a chat and we can help you remotely.

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