This video will show you how to setup Outlook on Android. It includes the following:

  1. How to download Outlook on Android
  2. Installation
  3. Adding your email account
  4. Confirm that the setup worked

Setup Outlook for Android

Microsoft’s Outlook is part of a software package, release from Microsoft, and known as Office 2019. Compared with Office 2016 or earlier versions, Outlook has newly updated features that allow it to perform much better than the previous iterations. Included in the list of features are UI enhancements, stability improvements, enhanced features, and scalable vector graphics. Microsoft has also released a mobile iteration of its Outlook client, available to download for iOS and Android.

It’s easy to setup Outlook on Android, it connects you with millions of users via email. It is also used to manage your to-do list, calendar, and serves as an intelligent email client for the majority of its userbase. Outlook for Android lets users do more from one powerful inbox tool.

Friends, colleagues, and family from multiple accounts can be set up in one application – users can switch between emails and calendars to schedule their next meeting or to share availability inside of the user’s area. Documents can be emailed from Files, and attached to the email with ease. Outlook for Android utilizes the Microsoft Exchange network for Microsoft 365,, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail.

The accessibility checker in Outlook 2019 has also been updated with new features. Microsoft has included support for international standards, which gives the user useful recommendations for making their documents more accessible. The accessibility checker can be used before you send an email to another person – it makes sure that there are no bugs or CSS errors in the document.


How to Setup Outlook for Android

Outlook for Android can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. For further instructions follow this guide.

We hope this has helped you set up Outlook for Android.

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