This video will show you how to install and setup OneDrive on your PC. It includes the following:

  1. Why use OneDrive
  2. Account Setup
  3. Access OneDrive using your browser
  4. Install OneDrive on your computer
  5. Instructions for using OneDrive

OneDrive by Microsoft

If you’re not familiar with Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage facilities, then you’re busy missing out. It’s taken a few years to build, but Microsoft has extended OneDrive into a reliable and solid cloud service that’s useful. This cloud service gives a user 5GB of free cloud storage when they setup their OneDrive account, and when they subscribe to Office 365, they receive 1TB of online cloud storage.

With OneDrive you are able to synchronize your data and media across multiple devices and keep a copy of everything on the cloud itself. OneDrive for Windows works by letting the software setup an individual OneDrive folder to your File Explorers navigational pane, you can then drag and copy data, files, or folders to be synchronized with your OneDrive storage space in the cloud. It’s easy to configure and setup OneDrive.

If you want to setup OneDrive, you will have to sign up for a Microsoft account at


Why use OneDrive Cloud Storage?

For the people that use computers and their devices every day, to setup cloud storage is very advantageous:

  1. Synchronize files, folders, pictures and videos, data, and other types of media, between the cloud and a localized folder on your computer.
  2. Client software is available on every platform including Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and many other operating systems.
  3. Files that are stored on the cloud, are ransomware protected.
  4. Setup file-sharing to share entire folders, files, and other media among friends in a very easy and accessible way.


Upload files via the web OneDrive client

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your Microsoft account. Here you can use OneDrive without having to download and setup anything.