This video will show you how to move from iPhone to Android. It includes the following:

  1. Transferring data
  2. iCloud
  3. Picture transfer
  4. App synchronization

Transferring from iPhone to Android

This guide will show you how to move from iPhone to Android. It includes the transfer of your media, files, and contacts. Along with any other data you may have. It’s easy to make the transfer by using iCloud for the most. The rest of your data can be transferred via a computer. You will have to connect your devices to a PC for a complete transfer. Also included is a way to transfer your music from iTunes to Google Music. You can also move browser bookmarks between the devices.

This guide requires you to have an Apple and Google account. Below are further step-by-step instructions for transferring your stuff.


Use Smart Switch

  1. Open iCloud on iPhone and backup your data.
  2. Download Smart Switch on both your Android and iPhone.
  3. Transfer your data via the Smart Switch app.


Use Google Drive

  1. Install Google Drive on your Android and iPhone device.
  2. Backup your files via the Google Drive app.
  3. Sign into your Google account on your new Android device.
  4. Your settings and data will synchronize.

Transfer Photos

You can connect your iPhone and Android to a PC for this. It’s easy to transfer photo’s with the aid of your PC. If you don’t use a PC, follow the steps below:

  1. Download and install Google Photos on both devices.
  2. Backup your photos on your iPhone to Google Photos.
  3. Import your photos from Google Photos to your Android.

Please note – if you buy a Samsung Android device things are much easier. You can use Samsung SmartSwitch to transfer everything in one go. There are also third party applications like Smart Transfer and Phone Clone.

We hope this guide has helped you transfer your items. Going iPhone to Android can be a bit tedious at first. Contact us via the website if you need any assistance.