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Considering a Gaming Monitor?

60hz vs 144hzSamsung, Acer, LG, Dell, Gigabyte. All companies and manufacturers in gaming monitors and hardware components for computers. A gaming monitor can be an expensive investment at first, but it does a lot of things for you. Higher frame rates mean that you’ll be able to interact and register faster what’s on the display. Looking at something as fast as 144hz for example, improves focus and the way you experience your PC environment.

Most standard displays come with a refresh rate of about 60hz. This is today’s standard in terms of video rendering, performance costs, and other factors. If your computer can’t keep up with running a game at 60 frames per second, you won’t benefit much from buying a gaming monitor. There is, however, a noticeable difference between 60 and 144hz, and so is there between 144hz and 240hz, but the best experience is said to be on a gaming monitor capable of 144hz.

Anything over 240hz would not be noticeable by the human eye. 144hz sums up the perfect balance of smoothness, crisp visuals, and no motion blur or graphics tracing.

The most important thing to understand is that you need a powerful graphics card to push these frames. At the current time, purchasing anything better than a GTX 1650 would be sufficient for 144hz. This is if you’re rendering in 1080p of course. The higher the resolution, the more power the graphics unit will need. The standard for 1080p is a 27″ display nowadays.

Best Budget Gaming Monitor

Acer Nitro XF243Y

The Acer Nitro XF243Y is an impressive gaming monitor in Acer’s budget catalog. It’s well rounded with a high refresh rate of 165hz. It’s also FreeSync compatible and sports a 1080p IPS panel at 24″ in size. This monitor is great for office use and gaming. It has low input lag, good ergonomics and excellent visibility in bright rooms.

acer nitro gaming monitor

Since the monitor is 24″ the pixel density increases. This results in sharper and more clear images. In addition, the 1080p resolution is light enough to run on modest graphics cards. You can easily push over 100 frames per second with a GTX 1060 on medium settings for example. Games will look crisp and clear on these high refresh rate panels since the objects are less blurry, and more visible when movement takes place in the game.

acer nitro back

Best Ultrawide Gaming Monitor

LG 34GN850-B

The best monitor can also be ultrawide. This means the monitor is stretched out to a 21:9 ratio with an increased field of view. Gamers and enthusiasts prefer this monitor over anything else because of the extra screen area. It makes multitasking easy and games much more immersive. Not to mention, it can give you an advantage in the work environment for multitasking as well as increased productivity. Some would say it’s better to have 1 big screen than 2 small screens next to each other.

LG has been around for a long time. They keep making innovative and smart products that feature the latest technologies available on the market. Their wide range of high-quality and innovative technologies have made them leaders in the global market. Furthermore, they make some of the best displays available on the market, whether it’s a monitor or television.

The LG 34GH850-B sports a 1440p 160hz IPS display panel. The aspect ratio results in 30% more screen space, and it’s also curved.

LG ultrawide gaming monitor

There is HDR support but the peak brightness is not as high as other HDR-compatible monitors on the market. However, it’s still an excellent choice for it’s viewing angles and pixel density.

lg ultrawide back

Best G-Sync Gaming Monitor
ViewSonic Elite XG270QG

viewsonic elite series gaming monitor

The ViewSonic Elite series is a very good brand to consider because of its price to performance ratio. You get plenty of features and 165Hz of power beneath the hood. An immersive experience for competitive gaming in games such as CS:GO, or Call of Duty.

Priced at around $600, it features a 27″ G-Sync display. The 2560x1440p display runs at a refresh rate of up to 165hz.

In todays requirements, you’d need roughly an RTX series graphics card to play games at this refresh rate, and that’s at 1080p. For 4K and beyond would require the use of either an RTX 3080, or an RTX SLI setup for the most demanding games.

It uses an IPS panel with fantastic lighting conditions. The response time is as good as that of 240hz thanks to the G-sync technology, if you’re using an Nvidia graphics card.

viewsonic elite gaming monitor

Sadly, it doesn’t support full HDR, but it’s great for games and has good visibility in well-lit rooms. Running at a native 144Hz that can be overclocked to 165Hz, input lag is non-existent. It even has built-in speakers, RGB and a USB hub.

Best Samsung Gaming Monitor
Samsung Odyssey LC32G75TQSNXZA

The Samsung Odyssey G7 LC32G75T is one of the best a gaming monitor could be. It has native FreeSync support and looks sleek and stylish. There is nothing bad to say about this monitor. It has amazing viewing angles, crisp and clear visuals, it runs at 240Hz. Although, the price tag may be a bit hefty at $800 for the 32″ variant.

The fact that it supports HDR10 is worth it. The wide color scheme gets very bright and highlights pop out of the screen. One thing to note is that you need a very powerful graphics card to run content at 240Hz.

samsung gaming monitor

The backlighting of this monitor is flicker-free and has reduced eye-strain technology. It’s great for those long gaming sessions since it doesn’t tire out your eyes.

This is the ultimate gaming monitor to get if you’re going to opt-in for the 2560×1440 experience.

odyssey series samsung

Notable Mention: Dell Alienware AW2521H

dell alienware gaming monitor

A lightning-fast gaming monitor, designed and made by Dell. The Alienware AW2521H features a refresh rate of up to 360Hz. It’s very well-built and sports a clean and modern design. It’s sized at 25″ at a 1080p resolution. The gaming monitor supports G-sync and a flicker-free backlight. One thing to note is that you can only get the 360Hz through a display port. HDMI won’t support a refresh rate that high so you’d need to make sure your GPU is powerful enough and supports DisplayPort.

dell alienware back

Notable Mention: Dell S3220DGF

Another notable mention would be Dell’s S3220DGF. It’s sized at 32 inches sporting a 16:9 design. The gaming monitor has a resolution of 2560×1440 at 165Hz. It has a VA panel that supports FreeSync Premium Pro. The fast refresh rate, coupled with HDR content and extra screen real estate is more than enough for productivity and everything in between.

Dell S3220DGF

It does support G-sync however not being certified for it, but it’s a fantastic mid-end/high-end gaming monitor with a 1800R curve for immersion in gaming.

Notable Mention: Gigabyte G27F

Another good budget option is the Gigabyte G27F. It runs at 144HZ, at a resolution of 1080p. Sized at 27″ at 16:9 the IPS panel has a 1ms response time and FreeSync Premium support.

Gigabyte G27F gaming monitor

The notable things about the G27F is the contrast and overdrive. The speed of the monitor is among that of the best monitors you can get, all for a small price tag. The refresh rate more than makes up for the 1080p resolution, and a mid-end graphics card can reach above 100fps in certain games. Cards like the GTX 1070 would pair up nicely with this budget gaming monitor.

Gigabyte G27F